How to be ‘hangry’ – a braces guide

Hello again!

It’s been a while! 9 weeks actually. I had my very first adjustment today but first I’ll talk about how the past weeks went. The tongue soreness from my TPA eventually went away after a couple weeks. I really got the hang of flossing around everything, eating normal food again (except the no-no foods), and getting used to all of the metal in my mouth. To be honest the first 9 weeks really wasn’t bad. My power chain pulled my center gap together by about week 7, and in doing so gave me another decent gap right beside it by the end of week 9:

9 weeks

Today I was due for thicker wires and more power chains. What should’ve been a 40 minute appointment turned into a little over an hour… and I was late to class but whatevs. Here’s how it went:

I sat down and the assistant asked how my pain had been (minimal) and if I had any concerns. I let her know there was a corner of one of the metal bands around my top molar that was extending down past my tooth and I was therefore biting down on metal… it was really annoying for the last 2 months. So she polished it down and I’m at least not biting down on that anymore. After that she took all the old rubber bands off my brackets and slid the wires out. That felt really weird to not have the pressure there anymore! I was instructed to go floss and brush really well without the wires in. After I came back the orthodontist came by to have a look. He liked my progress and let the assistant know what today’s treatment plan should be: two new, thicker wires and 3 power chains. He also wanted me to begin elastics to correct my bite, but we had to postpone that part until we figure out how we will use elastics and my mouthguard at the same time. Since I grind my teeth at night (and have my whole life) we just have to have a very unique treatment plan. Interestingly though, I haven’t noticed any teeth grinding since my braces were put on. Not sure what that’s about. Even so, with the grinding issue and with my gummy smile correction, he told me my case is so unique he’s just going to have to call my treatment “The Kryston.” ha

Anyways… elastics will probably come in a couple months. In the mean time we moved forward with thicker wires first. One of my brackets on a bottom front tooth was blocked or bent or something… She was pressing so hard to try to get the bigger wire inside I thought I might cry. She tried probably a dozen times. She would use her drill tool to try to loosen/open up the bracket opening and then PRESS the wire into the bracket but it wouldn’t go. And just when I thought she couldn’t press any harder she pressed even harder. I’m usually very patient and calm in the dentist chair and handle tooth pain well. I was literally vocalizing “OOWWW!!”  I was trying not to stand up in my chair every time she pushed as hard as she could on my tooth. I felt like she was going to break my tooth off. *shudder* okay I’ll stop talking about it but it hurt REALLY BAD okay? I was just praying the top wire wouldn’t be that difficult because I have a lot of anxiety about my front teeth getting pushed on. (Stemming from my years of grinding.) Eventually it was in good enough and she secured it with new coral colored rubber bands. Well the top wire went in much easier and she quickly snapped all of the little bracket doors closed. It’s crazy how much added pressure there is just after placing thicker wires on.

Next came the new clear power chains, 3 of them on the top row. (And I’m pretty sure they are stronger/thicker chains too.) There is one chain on each side of my mouth, and one chain across my front 4 teeth. They do not overlap. I will insert a picture of the line (blue) where the chains meet but do not cross:


You can’t see them but they are there! just clear! At these lines between each chain they will be pulling in opposite directions and creating a space between the roots of these teeth for the mini screws they will be placing in my front upper jaw. The two front screws are going in first before the back two screws and we will probably schedule the first procedure at my next 8 week checkup.

So… moral of the story…

Thicker wires + thicker chains + getting my teeth nearly broken into my skull = a very painful day. And when lunch was hard to eat and I subsequently found myself still on campus after 6:30 pm dying of hunger and unable to eat normally when I got home… let’s just say I was a little hangry today.

**Note to self: invest in more protein powder and Halo Top ice cream because chewy protein bars just aren’t going to work for a while.

Here is a pic of my current smile, my cool new wires and colored rubber bands

unnamed (17)

unnamed (18)


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