1 week update (TPA from Hell)

Hey everyone!

Just giving a quick update on how the last week has been with first-time braces. Honestly the braces themselves haven’t hurt bad at all. My teeth were only sore in the same spots my spacers were, and honestly spacers hurt way worse! My front teeth, top and bottom, were slightly sore, but I just didn’t chew or bite with them and I hardly noticed. Some people know that I grind my teeth at night and I’ve worn a custom-fit mouth guard for many years. Well I obviously can’t wear it anymore, so my orthodontist gave me your generic loose-fit sports guard you could find at any store, just until my front teeth move into final position and he will make me a custom-fit guard for my front teeth that will fit over my braces. The one I’m using right now seems to be doing the trick so all is well in that department.

Eating food and brushing my teeth has gotten interesting. It sucks to get half of my meal stuck in my braces but anyone who’s had them can relate to this. I’ve just gotten used to brushing my teeth more frequently (about 4 times a day compared to twice a day before) but so far it’s not too much of an inconvenience. I have yet to eat out in public with them.. that might be not so fun.

It has been more difficult trying to eat around the TPA in the roof of my mouth. The lady that put my braces on called it a “spaghetti catcher” and she wasn’t kidding, it catches everything, and it’s disgusting. Plus, my tongue has been hurting really bad from it’s constant contact with it, as I knew would happen. Just talking to people or answering the phone at work was a bit of a struggle. The last couple days my tongue has felt like I burned the entire surface with a really hot drink and its that strange dry/painful feeling left over, like all of your taste buds are gone and you can’t keep your tongue wet. Does this make any sense? And my tongue has a few marks in it from where it has been rubbing. It’s been horrible, but today it’s actually a LOT better…I think my tongue is finally getting used to it, praise the Lord. A good thing is it hasn’t changed my speech too much. I sound a little bit different but for the most part speaking properly with the TPA hasn’t been as bad as I thought it would be.

Today when I took my 1-week-in photo I was surprised to see something I wasn’t even looking for. I was hoping my gap would have gotten smaller (my orthodontist said it should close up pretty fast) but I actually noticed my bottom teeth have changed already! They were mostly straight before but the tiny bit of unevenness in my bottom front teeth has actually changed! Take a look…I don’t think I’m crazy!



Well that’s all I have for an update. So far, besides by sore tongue, it really hasn’t been too bad and everyone I know has just been so nice about it. Either by not gawking at me like I look super different or by just openly expressing how excited they are for me. And I’m so thankful for all the support I get from all of you who read my blog. Thank you so much!! ❤



One thought on “1 week update (TPA from Hell)

  1. Oh god I am not looking forward to my TPA LOL. I just got my braces put in today and my teeth are sooo sore. Anxious to get my TADS and get rid of this gummy smile finally!! Thanks for posting all of this you have no idea how much it helps :). Well I guess u do since u are doing this haha

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