Appointment #2 and Spacers Update

I have two words: spacers suck.

So that’s essentially how the last week has gone for me! My teeth were so sore for the first couple days… scale of 1-10 it was like a 7. Luckily the bad, constant pain subsided but I have still been left with pain when I eat.. like a 3 or a 4. Anything hard or crunchy is such a struggle. I was eating a salad crouton with my front teeth like a beaver the other night. I was so excited for my appointment today because I thought the spacers would be coming out (not that what’s next will be much better I’m sure.)

Well for today’s appointment I was in another room I hadn’t been to before. On today’s agenda was to remove the spacers, fit metal bands around my molars, take more impressions of my teeth with bands on them, then remove the bands and PUT THE SPACERS BACK IN. sigh.

So removing the spacers wasn’t bad. My teeth have definitely moved apart so she just pulled the spacers right out. She had to go through a few bands to find ones that fit snug on my molars. Bands are what the braces are anchored to in the back, and look like this:


They then took impressions with the bands on so they could plan the placement of the actual braces. After impressions were done she put the spacers back in. Boo! But they went in so much easier this time now that my teeth have moved a little.

Lastly I got to choose the color braces I wanted. I could choose between traditional silver, gold, or clear.

I am getting clear on top and silver on the bottom. Here’s a picture of the sample I chose today:


Everything goes on Monday! As soon as everything is done I’ll start going into more detail on my actual treatment plan.
Until then… thanks for reading!


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